Motor Rewinding Services

We undertake rewinding services for motors. Our in-house facilities and diligent workforce allow to cater to all kinds of rewinding requirements of the clients. Furthermore , our assiduous professionals make sure that motor rewinding is done according to industrial standard. We provide assistance and services of motor Repairing to diversified industries for the following products:

1. A.C Motor Rewinding
2. Alternator Generator Rewinding
3. D.C. Motor Rewinding
4. Crane Duty/flame Proof/Multi Speed Motor
5. Fabrication of Rotor Shaft Of AC/DC without Damaging Winding.
6. Installation of A V R on Alternators.
7.  All Type of slip Ring Motors Rewinding & Repairing.
8. We are Undertaking Site Repair/Maintenance and Overloading of Elect. Machines.
9. Rewinding / Repairing by Most skilled winders.
10. Much shorter Time Duration for repair.
11. More Guarantee & Fast Solution For under Warranty Motors.
12. Up to Date Testing Facility.
13. Better Quality Insulation & winding Materials.
14. Very Competitive Rates.

Super Specialization in Rotation Electrical Machine All Size/Rating/Frame/Specification.

1. Changing of slip Ring Rotor Shaft Without Damage Router Winding.
2. Rewinding of Multi Speed/Low RPM & Foreign Make Motors.
3. D.C. Armature/Forck Lift Motor/Cole’s Cranes & Other Low Voltage High Amp. Current D.C. Motors.